One of the most concerning issues regarding the planet has to do with the contamination of the oceans and the mass-killing of marine animals, endangering the balanced ecosystem.

At Koraloha, we give back to the planet and contribute to different organisations that look after the environment. In this post, we share with you our work with Healthy Seas.

Healthy Seas

A non-profit organization called Healthy Seas was founded in 2013 to combat the occurrence of ghost fishing nets, which are to blame for the needless deaths of numerous marine animals and life forms.
Their job entails cleaning up with the assistance of volunteer divers and fishing industry stakeholders to eliminate litter, collect used fishing nets, and turn them from useless materials into useful resources.
Working with an organization that is actively involved in the process of protecting the world's seas from waste made sense because we utilize ECONYL® regenerated nylon for our gorgeous swimwear.

Healthy Seas

Koraloha’s Mission

We are an ethical clothing brand with the mission to help the environment while producing timeless, elegant, and slow-fashion items.
Helping the environment is the root of Koraloha, and not only do we contribute to the planet with our eco-friendly production process but also with every order we get.

Donating part of all profits strengthens our commitment to the world, and the organisations we choose to collaborate with are deeply connected with our founder’s mission and brand values.

Take a look at our website for more information about how we help others and the environment as well as the different products we offer.
December 07, 2022