Care Tips

Our timeless designs and high quality fabrics are designed to be worn season after season and are not one of these fast fashion items. But to keep your Koraloha pieces in good condition, please read and follow our care instructions. You will also find them in your Koraloha swimwear.


1. Hand wash your swimwear garment in fresh and cold water with mild soap as soon as possible after wearing
2. Rinse in cold water until all soap is gone
3. Let it completely dry flat in shade on a towel

Do not:

- ring out the fabric or hang it as this could cause stretching 
- wash in washing machine (not even on the delicate / hand wash cycle)
- sit on any rough surfaces (since these can damage the fabric) 
- excessive contact with suntan oils and lotions, heavily chlorinated water and over heated spas and pools
- bleach, tumble dry, iron, dry clean