About The Brand

Aloha beach lovers, sun seekers, mermaids, and waste warriors!

Rising from the depth of the oceans where beauty and diversity coexist originates Koraloha. The magnetizing currents of the ocean in the depths also harbor ocean waste, urging the need for a sustainable swimwear brand to take its driven initiative on ethically recycling ocean waste.

Koraloha: the waves break their oceanic components into two telltale words, Koral / Coral and Aloha. “Aloha” a greeting in Hawaii that means love, sympathy, and kindness – the driving forces that keep us aware of our environment and the life that abides within. In the same tide rises “corals,” which are unique creatures that come in different shapes, colors, and sizes, just like us humans - and each is beautiful in its way. The words come together entangled in creativity, freedom, and style to form Koraloha.

The Coral Essence

The ocean gives life to much more than to the marine world. Emerging from the same stardust, we are a part of nature’s cycle where one directly impacts the other. Through sustainable, eco friendly, and ethically produced products, Koraloha seeks to show love and responsibility towards the environment and our descendants, making a positive change that reaches out to the farthest ends of the ocean. Driven by the same passion for protecting the environment, Koraloha is also an embodiment of modern style that rhymes with our values. We produce swimwear that is curated to serve a purpose. We ensure each staple flatters the women of the evolving era and doesn’t compromise on style or our responsibility to the environment. 

Quality and Design

At Koraloha, we design swimwear that is simultaneously timeless and effortlessly trendy. With slow fashion in perspective, we create prints and pieces that can be styled up or down and on and off the sand. The subtle tones of the high-quality and luxurious fabrics come in wide ranges and carefreely complement the individualistic charm of the ocean.

Designed in the innovative streets of Zurich and London and manufactured ethically overseas, Koraloha ensures the best swimwear. Along with her manufacturer, Andrea is happy to launch her first collection that she hopes will make you feel more connected to the depths of the oceans. Above all, she hopes you feel comfortable in it and find and surface the confidence from within. She will always be happy about feedback because constructive critique and support are what she believes drives a business to heights.

The Founder

Andrea Gautschi, an entrepreneur from Switzerland who set Koraloha ashore. It all began with shopping sprees where every swimwear garment Andrea tried on didn’t give her that comfort or confidence every girl seeks. In order to be confident, one must accept themselves. In a world where many women find it hard to find the beauty within themselves, Andrea seeks to empower them to embrace their beachy curves. She designed each garment to compliment and flatter the different coral female body types. Each garment is designed to show the body in its true shapes and also contributes to the environment and oceans by making you a part of the change that is minimalizing ocean waste. She was driven by her passion for working and bringing about a change, and Koraloha set the ground for her ambitions, allowing her to bring to you a brand that creates swimwear that breathes with the skin and ocean. 

With our collection, feel like "Koraloha" - unique, beautiful, aware, and a friend to the environment that gives you the koral ocean.