Koraloha offers elevated modern elegance through curated sustainable swimwear collections. Our debut collection “Koral One” is defined by the mesmerizing beauty of the Arabic culture.

Koraloha presents is an eco-friendly approach to luxurious swimwear for women with exceptional taste. For our first-ever “Koral One” collection, fueled by our admiration for beautifully intricate Arabic culture, is a vivid reminder of how inclusive, nonpolluting swimwear can be accessible to everyone who wishes to get drenched in the allure of the Middle East. For Koraloha the meaning of beauty and timeless elegance lies in the finest of details; that's why each one of our sustainable pieces aims to implement the true essence of pleasingly ingenious glamour with the right doses of gold.
After one and a half year of research on every aspect of ethical, eco-friendly manufacturing practices, including the outsourcing of fabrics and materials, “Koral One” will be available on 3th of April 2022. Filled with timeless and pleasantly patterns, we aspire to define perpetual sophistication wrapped in eco-consciousness.

Inspired by the breathtaking culture, architecture, music, and hospitality of the Middle East 

When the founder migrated from Switzerland to Bahrain at the end of 2020, she quickly felt that leaving the stately Alps, the placid lakes, picturesque villages, cosmopolitan cities, and towering castles behind was exactly what she needed in order to soak herself in the alluring Arabic culture in all its glory.
Even though she has visited the Middle East twice more in the past, this was her first-ever attempt to live as a part of the enthralling culture of the Middle East. She soon started to embrace the power, loyalty, and kindness of the people. That's how the vision of the first collection “Koral One” came to be. A place where central Europe and the Middle East cultures collide. Every future collection will take the form of another exciting and inspiring concept - is merely the beginning.

Our considered approach to sustainability

Their $10 price tag might have a great appeal, however, the true impact of unsustainable manufacturing practices paints a not-so-glamorous picture. Amidst the myriads of seasonal trends and micro-trends, there is one, prominent concern. The true impact our daily actions have on the environment. According to numerous reports, 80 percent of textile workers, most of the time, adults and child sewers, work for up to 20 hours per day for only a few cents per hour.
Although the humanitarian impact of the fast fashion industry is arguably destructive, the environmental cost is equally as high. Unethically-made clothes are sprayed with an array of toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde to prevent wrinkling during shipping. These dangerous toxins are spread across the fields, polluting the land, water, and air.
The Azo dyes, NPEs, and toxic perfluorinated substances have turned the fast fashion industry into one of the biggest direct causes of global water pollution.  According to the Environmental Science & Technology Researchis time a synthetic garment gets washed, about 1,900 individual microfibers are released into the water. These fibers get eaten by aquatic organisms, which introduce plastic in the food chain. 

Koraloha's pledge to utilize recycled materials to improve the environmental issues - one swimsuit at a time.


We aspire to put mindfulness back into the fashion industry using sustainable recycled materials to produce our swimwear collections with integrity and transparency. Econyl is a recycled nylon option that gets recreated and remolded again and again. This eco-friendly fabric comes from fishing nets from the aquaculture and fish industry and ghost nets, old carpets that would otherwise pile up in the landfills, and quantities of other waste for regeneration.
Intricate details are woven into each one of our environmental-friendly collections.

Lining and finishing touches

Our lining and the outer fabrics are made of recycled plastic waste, adorned with arresting gold details coated with anti-rust as well as metal branded golden plate. As we pay tribute to the luxurious look vibe of the Arabic culture, an array of gold embellishments has been added. Our buttons are made from awe-inspiring shells, upping the standard idea of elegance.


Inclusivity & optimism

The striking shiny-glossy look of this beautiful fabric offers a striking high-end look to fashion-conscious, modern women who get inspired by the elegance of the women here, in the GCC's. Prepare to get soaked in an inclusive shade range of fabrics, designed to fit all skin types with ease. Flattering and utterly chic hues of black, pearl white, blueish-grayish, and coral infuse our swimwear with optimism and vibrancy that cannot be imitated. 

Sustainable swimwear made with comfort in mind

Versatility is a huge part of our brand. Our first sustainable swimsuit collection consists of a plethora of different tops and bottoms, suitable for mixing and matching, for women who demand comfort and perfect fit. Rest assured that you will be able to find the most appealing option for your specific body type.


Giving back

At Koraloha we make a dozen small decisions every day to better serve sustainability. For that reason, each purchase supports 3 different welfare projects that pledge to help our earth and all its inhabitants.
May 31, 2021