2022 is the quintessential time for a change, and even though our journey towards body positivity and self-love is far from easy, redefining the beauty stereotypes is where is a type of revolution on its own.

There is no reason to deny it. Most have found ourselves staring at the mirror with the sole purpose of picking apart each one of our “flaws”. Some of us may consider it as a “much-needed motivation” to stick to the ridiculously high-pressure body goals that have been wrapped around our minds for quite some time. Yes, self-image issues have been deeply rooted in all of us no matter our gender or weight. 


Time to eliminate the “ideal body” stereotype

In reality, everything begins and ends with the falsely portrayed “ideal body” on the media. Granted, deep down we all know that those online ads are far from reality, however, most of the time the comparison may be inevitable. Well, this outdated stereotype of beauty is evidently no longer valid. Time to pick up your go-to feel-good habits and lead the way towards a body-positive future.
You see, healthy looks significantly different on everyone. Luckily, body inclusivity in fashion is a breath of fresh air for most of us who are slowly but surely embracing our individuality. We are stepping into freedom territory here, ladies. And it looks amazing.

Swimsuits look fantastic on you, girl!

No, there is no reason to undergo extreme dieting in order to wear a swimsuit and enjoy ourselves in the summer. In fact, the only opinion that matters is, well, our own. So just in case you’ve been secretly thinking of ditching your bikini top for a few sun-soaked hours next to the salty water, we highly suggest you to follow through with it. The body-equality slogan “Free the nipple” is hailed for its empowering message and frankly, so many women getting side-eyed for doing something that men have been doing since the beginning of time is quite absurd. 

Embracing our “flaws”

All the body positivity quotes can light up our moods and boost our self-esteem for a bit, but real change comes from actions. You are beautiful exactly as you are and this beauty deserves to be celebrated! After all, you define your beauty, not society. Just because you might have acne, a chubby tummy, round thighs, stretch marks, and everything in between, it doesn’t mean that you need “fixing”. Period! 

“Healthy” looks fantastic on everyone

At the end of the day, our top priority should be our health. Living a healthy lifestyle that helps us fuel our day-to-day lives while also caring for our bodies and minds is the most important thing. Contrary to popular belief, healthy living goes beyond consuming endless amounts of fruits in the name of dieting. Restrictions can only take you so far. Moderation and a balanced lifestyle that doesn’t forbid you from consuming all the delicious treats that you love is the key. 

And remember, all the unhealthy self-hatred that stems from the desire to look a certain way will get swapped with a feeling of self-love you’ve never thought you could experience. All it takes is for you to say “yes”.
January 07, 2022