What you need to know about ethically-made clothes and why you should consider starting investing in them.

In a world with fashion trends emerging every two weeks, the clothing industry has surely made some serious damage to the environment due to tons of plastic and fabric waste.

As a sustainable brand, Koraloha is not only committed to helping change this but to also educating our customers and users about why switching to fair and ethical fashion will change their lives.

Keep on reading to learn more about eco-friendly clothing and what we do for the environment.

About Ethical Sustainable Clothing & Why It Matters

The words eco-friendly clothing, ethical sustainable clothing, ethically-made clothes, and all of their variants are quite popular right now, but what do they really mean?

In essence, the root of sustainable clothing is producing unique pieces that use recycled materials for their confection, such as recycled Nylon, a combination of old scraps of fabrics from other clothes, or any other type of material that does not contribute to polluting the planet due to the result of mass-produced items.

Fast fashion is what ends up contaminating the oceans and landfills because of the huge amounts of fabric and plastic waste that get thrown out during the process.

Buy Less, Buy Better

Eco-friendly clothing has many perks worth mentioning, and the one at the top has to do with the quality of the clothes you’re purchasing.

Fair and ethical fashion not only involves caring about the environment but also providing people with high-quality and durable items that they can wear many times without losing their color, texture, and composition in general.

Koraloha is widely aware of the consequences of fast fashion that are affecting our surroundings, which is why we’re proud to produce each and every single item fair and ethically.

Fair & Ethical Manufacturing

When we say we make ethically-made clothes, we mean it. Our manufacturers offer excellent working conditions for their team, including a healthy, safe, and respectful place found in Bali, close to our founder’s heart.

All workers receive a payment higher than the national minimum wage and work from 9 to 5, with an hour for lunch; extra hours after 5 pm are also paid for.

We care about our manufacturers and we want to let you know that every time you purchase an item from us, they’re being well-paid and looked after.

Eco-Friendly Clothing

Koraloha is a sustainable swimwear brand with a mission of helping our oceans one swimsuit at a time. What separates us from other brands is our commitment to truly making a difference regarding plastic and fabric waste that ends up polluting the environment.

Our timeless and elegant designs are made with high-quality recycled fabrics, and our packaging either is recycled, recyclable, or completely biodegradable.

As for our manufacturing process, it is made by hard-working men and women in a healthy and empowering workspace with decent working hours and payment above the national minimum wage.

Change has to start somewhere, and we’re proud to be a beacon in a contaminated ocean, working towards a better environment.
October 17, 2022