Introducing The Koraloha “Koral One” Sustainable Swimwear Collection

Sustainability has turned from simply an option to a full-on necessity with more and more fashion aficionados swapping and turning towards eco-fashion to upgrade their all-year-round wardrobe arsenals with ethically crafted, durable, and stylish basics that will last for seasons to come.

Thoughtfully-designed sustainable swimwear for your future warm-weather adventures

At Koraloha, environmental-friendly manufacturing has been the driving force behind our much anticipated, 1st collection of sustainable swimwear, Koral One. Driven by our commitment to monitor the impacts on all aspects of our business — from sourcing raw materials down to the last stitch — we created a thoughtfully designed line of ethical swimwear for Aloha beach lovers, sun seekers, mermaids, and waste warriors!

Helping save the ocean, one sustainable swimwear at a time

In an effort to help reduce the enormous amount of plastic waste derived from ghost nets, abandoned fishing gear, and plastic bags, we decided to opt for ECONYL® regenerated nylon. This man-made material is made entirely from recycled waste products such as post-consumer waste, industrial waste, textile waste, and fishing nets. Once the plastic is collected, it is then shredded, depolymerized, and regenerated into nylon yarn that shares the same qualities as virgin nylon in terms of texture, elasticity, and longevity.

Designed in the innovative streets of Zurich and London and manufactured ethically overseas, “Koral One” is an ode to sustainable minimalism with figure-flattering patterns and intricate details for mindful summer swims and endless hours of seaside lounging.

The Koraloha “Koral One” sustainable swimwear collection

We incorporated multiple elements such as bandeau tops with fully adjustable crisscrossed straps, ah-mazing plunging necklines with removable golden elements on the front to add that chic factor as well as flirty low-rise buttons with cheeky V-cuts. If you are on the lookout for a high waist style that features coverage in the front and back or sumptuous monochromatic one-piece swimwear that’s equal parts comfy and statement-making, we’ve got you covered!

Our name choices perfectly reflect our core values and mission in a playful and creative way you’ll certainly love.

Maybe you are a “Risky Recycler” with an eye for sultry, figure-enhancing styles; a “Passionate Planet Protector” with an affinity for empowering, unapologetically feminine silhouettes; a “Cute Coral Cleaner” with a lust for preppy chic, comfortable beach-side staples; a “Fashionable Wildlife Lover” ready to embrace the principles of dopamine-dressing; a “Wise Waste Warrior” who refuses to take no for an answer or a "Fancy Sea Safer" on her way to your next slow-travel adventure overseas.

The Passionate Planet Protector

Shop sustainable swimwear at Koraloha

No matter your aesthetic or personal style, our 1st “Koral One” sustainable swimwear collection will dress each one of your curves without forcing you to forgo comfort, style, or sustainability. Head over to to browse our virtual shelves for your next ethical swimmate.

October 02, 2022